Operation Star Wars

Back in December (2012), while in Toys R Us looking for presents for my niece and nephew, I spotted this Star Wars version of the classic ‘Operation’ game. Although tempted to by it (for myself) I resisted the urge, but just had to share it with you.


There must now be a Star Wars edition of every game ever created, and that is a very good thing!

Chewbacca’s Bible

In the past, the Haynes Manual was an absolute must have for every vehicle owner, even a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Today, with modern cars not being particularly amateur mechanic friendly, the manuals are not nearly as common.

Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this one!


Happy Vader’s Day

I find buying cards very difficult. Whether it’s for a Birthday, Mother’s/Father’s Day or a Thank You card, the problem is, it’s not for me. This might sound a little selfish (because it is), but I just can’t detach myself from the things I like. Of course, when choosing a card for someone, you should be completely focussed on what they would like. The reason for such a vast array of cards, is that people differ greatly in their tastes, some want to laugh, some require attention to detail and sometimes, just sometimes, someone needs hearts and flowers.

Me?.. I need Star Wars!

HappyVadersDayI saw this while shopping for a Father’s Day card. I liked it, a lot. The problem is, I have never even heard my Dad mention Star Wars, let alone the level of interest that would be required for this to be considered an ideal purchase. Oh well, I’ll put it back on the shelf.

SIDE NOTE: I don’t like children, really, can’t stand them. Personally, I couldn’t think of a better way to ruin my life than to become a father, it will/must never happen. And I can assure you, I have never felt that I was missing out on something… Until I saw this card! Should I set aside everything I stand for, in the hope that my offspring might, one day, present me with a Darth Vader Father’s Day card?.. I guess not.

A friend of mine showed (a little) concern when I tweeted this picture, and rightly so, let’s face it, Darth Vader was hardly ‘Father of the Year’ material.

When I handed my Dad a humorous, non Star Wars related, Father’s Day card and proceeded to tell him the story of the Darth Vader card, he smiled and said, “Well, he did save Luke’s life, so he turned out alright in the end.”

Now I wish I had bought the Vader card after all!